community-serviceAAU’s Department of Politics, Communications and Community Development tackles problems faced by our members by executing grassroots advocacy campaigns. AAU’s advocacy campaigns are multi-prong that includes political, policy, communications, legal, organizing and coalition strategies.

The political and government relations team strongly advocates for regulatory and legislative changes on the local, state, regional and national levels and ensures that anti-immigrant legislation and regulatory changes are defeated. AAU is a critical player on immigrant rights issues, particularly immigration, employment, housing, domestic workers, education, and community development. AAU has been victorious on countless occasions in passing pro-immigrant legislation and defeated hundreds of discriminatory anti-immigrant bills. In recent years, we have successfully passed Maryland’s DREAM Act and Maryland’s Driver’s License giving access to higher education and to driver’s license to undocumented immigrants. Also, we have effectively been a key organization moving Comprehensive Immigration Reform resulting in President Obama’s Executive Orders to establish DACA and DAPA, which will benefit millions of undocumented immigrants in the US.

All of AAU’s advocacy efforts and campaigns are aimed at strengthening immigrant families and communities by addressing, on a systemic level, their unique conditions of economic and social inequality