Mr. Peter Klu – Treasurer
Board Member

Described as a high energy, easy going, and goal-­‐driven technology executive, Peter Klu approaches each new business challenge with his intrinsic flair for innovation, creative problem-solving, and measured risk-taking to drive consistent bottom‐line improvements.

Peter Klu began his career on a path that is rare among other IT executives. Having earned his Bachelor’s degree in Physics, minor in Mathematics, and armed with MS in Electrical Engineer, Peter’s goal was to complement his natural technical savvy with a strong foundation in software development and RDBMS. In order to understand the ever changing IT field, Peter needed to gain extensive experiences. The best way to do this, he felt, was to join a Big 8 firm within the IT consulting practice. Thus, in 1998 he accepted a position with Booze Allen & Hamilton where he gained extensive software development and RDBMS experience.

Peter left and went consulting for different software companies through his established business. Peter consulted for the likes of Booze Allen & Hamilton, Price Water Cooper, Ernest and Young, Microsoft, IBM, National Defense  University and other small technology companies.

Peter also worked with Department of Defense – Africa Center for Strategic Studies (ACSS) as their Information Technology Officer (ITO). The Africa Center is the pre-eminent Department of Defense institution for strategic security studies, research, and outreach in Africa. The Africa Center engages African partner states and institutions through rigorous academic and outreach programs that build strategic capacity and foster long-term, collaborative relationships. The Africa Center for Strategic Studies (ACSS) supports United States foreign and security policies by strengthening the strategic capacity of African states to identify and resolve security challenges in ways that promote civil-military cooperation, respect for democratic values, and safeguard human rights.

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