Mr. Arian N. Lendzondzo (Malik) – Vice President
Board Member

Mr. Arian N. Lendzondzo, also known as "Malik" was born in Gabon, a small country situated on the equator in Western Africa. He earned his B.A. degrees in Political Science and Economics from Howard University in Washington, D.C. Malik also holds a Master's of Science degree in Information Systems, with a concentration in Security. He has worked in the educational sector for nearly a decade, first as a high school French instructor, and is currently working as an Data Analyst for a local charter school in Washington, D.C.

He has been involved in political activities since high school, back in Gabon, his native country, and has continued to be active in the U.S.  He was actively involved as a political organizer through his engagement in the electoral processes of many campaign elections. One of the most historical elections to date, involved countless hours volunteering in the 2008 election that made President Barack Obama the first African American President of the United States. On the local level, Malik continued grassroots work from the Gubernatorial and Senatorial elections for the state of Maryland. He is currently serving as the Precinct Chair for the Democratic Party in Montgomery County, Maryland (District 20). He is a member of the Montgomery County Young Democrats.

Malik is the founder of the Gabonese American Association (GAA), a community organization that aims to gather all the Gabonese people living in the United States around issues related to family, education, business, politics, and health.

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