mediAAU provides case management assistance to connect members with social services in the community aimed at improving their physical and mental health and increasing social stability. Through a multilingual health hotline and medical interpreter program, AAU helps increase access to essential health services in the community. AAU also operates a health promoter program that utilizes a culturally appropriate popular education methodology in risk reduction strategies to combat HIV, cancer, and other health risks. In addition AAU operates a comprehensive public benefits outreach and enrollment program that assists community members understand and enroll into a variety of government assistance and health insurance programs including those made available through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in addition to other public benefits such as SNAP.

Human and Social Services – This includes referrals to area human and social service providers; registering children for Head Start, information on enrollment for school and other educational programs; completion of application forms, etc.

Health- Referrals to discount programs, government health and mental health services; assistance applying for discounts or payment plans for medical bills; referrals for prescription drug programs, dental care, and sexual assault and domestic violence centers; crisis counseling; preventative health counseling; and health materials in other languages.